Why coworking

The International School of Higher Education firmly believes in the new opportunities offered by coworking. Work spaces have been redefined by the needs of an increasingly flexible labor market, in a liquid society in which the “network”, understood as the interconnection between different professionals, has downsized the role of the traditional office to the advantage of new realities. in this sense, coworking represents a precious opportunity, not only as regards the savings deriving from the sharing of spaces and resources with other professionals, but also as a dynamic place for cross-fertilization, osmosis of ideas and experiences.

What we offer to coworkers

Spaces for coworking

SIAF proposes itself to users as an ideal structure for sharing work spaces and knowledge, in a territorial context full of charm, history and tradition. It offers coworkers dedicated workstations in a shared environment, but also 7 multifunctional rooms equipped with wireless connection, audio system, whiteboard and video projector for conferences and “non-conferences”, speed networking, courses, workshops and events. The classrooms can also be used as an expospace for the promotion of brands, products and ideas.

A stimulating environment

Coworking is also aggregation, an opportunity to cultivate relationships and create a real community. In this sense, SIAF offers suitable structures to satisfy every need. The School has a refreshment area for self service, business lunches, buffets and cocktail parties, but also a large panoramic terrace that can be equipped with a tensile structure for banquets and recreational activities, a multi-sports field, a gym and an outdoor swimming pool. ‘open, as well as a large internal parking, which can accommodate over 100 cars. It is also possible to immerse yourself in the reality of the place by taking advantage of group activities in the area, such as cultural itineraries, guided tours, food and wine tours and outdoor excursions.

Experience and flexibility

SIAF staff boasts many years of experience. The expertise and know-how of the staff are available to coworkers as support for technical, administrative, organizational, logistical, promotional and content development services. All services are tailored to the customer’s needs.